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If you’re not sure it was a strike, then you’re using the wrong lure.

Tie on the lures that fish hit hard — the Rogue® and Devil’s Horse.® And add our soon-to-be legendary, new additions to your tackle box.

Rogue Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Rogue®

The Perfect 10 Rogue uses our proven frame with new semi-transparent colors for a jerkbait that excels in clear water and on pressured fish. Our newest Rogue goes beyond 10 feet in an instant, thanks to its unique lip design. With every twitch, the lure dives farther and more erratically than other baits. A new construction material allows for maximum flash at a distance while remaining extremely realistic up close. The Perfect 10 Rogue is simply the most effective jerkbait on the market.


Suspending Rattlin' Rogue

Suspending Rattlin' Rogues®

Anglers across the country rely on the Smithwick Rogue to put fish in the boat. Whether it’s smallmouth or largemouth bass, walleyes, pike, trout, or another predator fish, the Rogue always produces. Maybe it’s because of the legendary “Rogue roll” that wobbles and flashes like a baitfish, or it could be the erratic action when twitched. Either way, there’s something about the Rogue that triggers predator fish to strike. Our Suspending version is neutrally buoyant; when paused, it hovers like a wounded baitfish looking for a way out. Several lengths are available. Visit to order yours today.


Devils Horse

Devil’s Horse®

The popularity of the Smithwick Devil’s Horse is nationwide. It’s THE go-to lure during largemouth prespawn in the Southern states. Likewise, it’s popular in the Northern states for its legendary ability to attract prize smallmouths throughout the summer and fall. The key to the Devil’s Horse is the slender minnow profile and an action that lets you create maximum surface disturbance without moving out of the strike zone. Fore and aft props create resistance with every twitch, so anglers can work the bait longer at the edges of shoreline weeds, near wood cover, along the edges of docks — anywhere fish are holding. A variety of lengths are available. Stock up now. Visit to order.