Elite 8 Rogue

Elite 8

The Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue dives quickly to 8-feet deep and features erratic panicked darts to the side when twitched. Color patterns include both translucent versions for clear water and bright chrome and gold versions for colored water and for a variety of light conditions. The Elite 8 features a loud internal tungsten rattle and that classic “Rogue Roll” that has caught so many bass in the past and made the Rogue the jerkbait of choice.

  • Loud tungsten rattle mimics distressed prey
  • “Rogue Roll” action
  • Supreme cold-weather bass lure
Model Weight Length Cranking depth Trolling Depth Hooks
Elite 8 1/2-oz. 4.5-in. 6-8-ft. 8-11-ft. #6 Treble

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