Suspending Super Rogue Jr.

Suspending Super Rogue Jr.

The Smithwick Suspending Super Rogue Jr. is about an inch shorter than the regular-sized Suspending Super Rogue, but it’s not short on features. The Jr. has all of the fish-catching characteristics of the regular size, including the molded-in lip for strength and true-running right out of the package, and the weight-transfer system that adds distance and accuracy to your casts. The Suspending Super Rogue Jr. is a go-to jerkbait for bass, walleyes, trout and more.


Species: Bass, Stripers, Trout, Walleye

Length Cranking Depth   Trolling Depth  Hooks
 4 1/8 in.  6 ft.  10 ft.  # 6

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